Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Certain Someone Comes

At wake time's morn' again I rise,
slow and heavy are my eyes.

A knock upon the bedroom door I hear--
a certain someone comes.

She is four of age and beautiful--
her world a stage and wonderful.

My heart her warmth will welcome near--
a certain someone comes.

Smell the morning caffeine brew
and my slumbering stomach dreams of breakfast too.

A familiar smile from a loving bride--
a certain someone comes.

My wife through seven years of morning suns;
I praise the Lord for each one of them.

Her faithful love erases fears--
a certain someone comes.

Still more from this boy of blonde and blue
that rocks to and fro and drinks his juice.

Just a glance and smile will do--
a certain someone comes.

What comes today I do not know for sure;
whatever comes I will endure.

I'll make it for my hope is secure--
a certain someone will come.

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