Monday, August 23, 2010

This Son of Mine now Two of Years

This son of mine, now two of years,
has brought many laughs, smiles, and tears.

In my talks with God, I have often prayed
for strength, love, and truth as my son is reared.

Strength to say, "No," when it must be said
and to say, "Yes," when wisdom permits.

Love to hold him with caring arms
even when he screams and pitches fits.

Truth to guide him in right and wrong
and to point him in the way he should go.

To teach him consequence, good and bad,
and responsibility as he grows.

As I watch him delight in simple things
such as trucks, cars, and chase,

I understand that these are moments
even time cannot erase.

I often find myself in prayer for him--
that he would have health and many years.

Without a doubt, I'm proud to be the Father of my Champ--
this son of mine now two of years.

Happy Birthday Son!