Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Of Peace and Pillows

Ellie Kate turns four today! I've called her "Tooter Bug" ever since she was little. I'm not sure I'll be able to call her that much longer--before she starts objecting. But, for some reason, that name just came to be; and, I love it! She means the world to me. And, her smile can definitely light up my day! She knows that her daddy loves her very much. I make it a priority that she always knows that to be true.

Several months ago, I walked by her room and looked in to check on her. I was absolutely captivated by her as she slept. This is what I wrote that night before I went to sleep.


The bedroom nightlight is cast tonight
softly on her cheek.

It is blessed to find this landing place,
as she is comfortably asleep.

With covers to her waist
and her dolls by her side,

I'm helpless as my heart skips beats
watching from the hall outside.

I wonder what she is dreaming
as she shares a midnight smile.

Is she far away in her dreams
playing princess for a while?

What a joy it is to have such peace!
What a blessing for daddy to know!

His little girl is far away in dream--
of peace and pillows.