Saturday, March 26, 2011

Let My Little One Breathe

A New Year now has just begun
in time to meet my ready son

Wife in bed with nurse by side
a doctor makes ready for daddy's pride

A push or two and then repeat
at first his head and then his feet

My son born new has been received
Alas I pray, "Let my little one breathe."

Yet mere weeks now see him flown away
Watching still with no words to say

In my soul I stop to pray,
"Let my little one breathe."

Machines and beeps as baby sleeps
while oxygen does ugly tales conceive

With his color back I see it is Jack
And yet still pray, "Let my little one breathe."

In days ahead and years to come
my prayers go forward for my little one

That deeper still is more than seen
when even truth oft speaks falsities

So see beyond the surface son
and take the hand of the Risen One

One day I hope you receive him son
For birth anew I pray, "Let my little one breathe."