Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My Next Thirty Years with Hints of the Previous

THIRTY! Really? Already!?! Are you serious!?! The calendar verifies what my heart is still questioning as I write this blog update. My good Lord in Heaven! I'm 30! I was 19 years old in June of 2000 when I heard a hit country song by Tim McGraw entitled My Next 30 Years. I remember first hearing that song on a county road between my home in Samson and Hwy 27 leading to Enterprise, AL.

As I heard it, for that first time, I thought in my mind that I still had over 10 years before I turned 30; yet, I pondered, as the song prompts, if there would be things that I would want to do differently when I turned 30. Well, today is the date. And the question still looms, "Do I want to do anything differently?" What changes do I wish to make? What adjustments? I mean, this is my life. This is my only shot at living. The only 30th birthday that I will ever have. My NEXT 30 years will find me turning 60 on the other side.

I've had the benefit of hearing many older, albeit wise, individuals give that same redundant warning that haunts the ever-aging and evades the young and indifferent, "Time flies." The truth of the matter, in honest reflection, is that time most definitely does fly by! Thank God for those words of wisdom, for they are true.

At my Senior Year Class Night event in May of 1999, This was the forecast concerning my future:

That 10 years from graduation, I would be driving down the interstate in my 1956 Jaguar Roadster convertible with my supermodel girlfriend. I would be living it up as a successful anesthesiologist.

Big dreams, huh? I mean, what 18 year old teenager could ever read that without saying, "Sweet!"

But, I'm not 18 anymore. Perspective has become a close friend that I once vaguely even knew. I read those words now and find them lacking--just small utterances. I read them now through the benefits of the experiences of my life. I look back now to that once "Sweet" statement and find it small indeed. That was dreaming small!

I may not be driving down the interstate in a Jaguar Roadster convertible. But, the Lord has blessed me with a beautiful Porsche convertible daughter named Ellie Kate and a fully loaded Toyota Tacoma 4x4 of a son named Emmett--with a new vehicle being custom built in the factory as I write (expecting a 3rd addition on Feb. 1, 2010)!

I do not have a supermodel girlfriend. That was a small dream as well!Instead, I have been blessed with a wife that I truly believe to be the most beautiful woman in the world! She is a wonderful mother! She is a wonderful wife! She is my best friend! I wake up in the morning and go to sleep at night with a peace in my heart simply because she is in my life. Money cannot replace that. Antique cars cannot replace that. I am blessed. On May 8, 2003, a stunning brown-haired, brown-eyed beauty agreed to allow me to take her out on a date. Apparently, I made a good impression! ;)

And, I am not an anesthesiologist. I do, however, have the blessing of preaching to a wonderful congregation every Sunday morning! And, I hope my preaching has the exact opposite effect! ;)

In addition to these things, I have been blessed with a wonderful, godly family. Not perfect, but perfectly forgiven. Not perfect, but perfectly loved. I would not trade my family for anything! I often thank the Lord for each and everyone of them.

In reflection, I hope that my next 30 years are filled with hints of the previous 30--with hopes for growth in holiness, health, happiness, and the favor of the Lord.

So as that famous Tim McGraw song plays in the back of my mind and entertainings of what I would/will do differently are mulled over in my heart, I am content. I am grateful. I am satisfied.

Here is to hoping that the next 30 years are as good as the previous!

God bless!