Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Thorns of Grace

Ephesians 2:8

Formerly fraught with callousness
which wrought my inward lend

Me and me, please more of me,
I called myself my friend

Content with I am good enough
as mirrors lie to face

Surprised to find it You, not I,
when pricked by thorns of grace

Oh wretched flesh which sought my aim
and purpose felt in sin

I drew once back for it did bleed
that woeful hardened skin

Oh thorns of grace did tear apart
mine epidermal trust of me

Need of You revealed thru painful yield
which caused my eyes to see

But what I found, from surface down,
as my tryst with You took place

Those wounds were sweet and my salvation complete
when pierced by Your thorns of grace!

Monday, February 14, 2011

What a Valentine could Never Say

To my beautiful bride and friend...

In depth of thought it seems this day--
that comes once round per year and slips away.

Try as much to utter words, a phrase,
to write them down in proud display.

But pen upon my paper write not down
what eloquent hearts do relay.

So try, I may, this day to convey
what a Valentine could never say.

It is a wordless feeling of love undefined,
not written for our joy sublime.

Yet, it is felt in depth of heart today--
what a Valentine could never say.

Worth dying for. Worth crying for.
Worth swimming deepest seas.

Worth more than money buys. Worth more than bluest skies.
Worth the weakness I still feel in my knees.

Although no description quite fits and words evade
this feeling left unportrayed,

It still burns deep in my soul for you, all year long for you--
what a Valentine could never say.