Thursday, April 21, 2011

I, and this Band of Soldiers!

"As many were astonished at you—his appearance was so marred, beyond human semblance,and his form beyond that of the children of mankind."(Isaiah 52:14)

Why this knock upon my door?
Out of sleep, I'm called to service on my feet!

I prepare to do what must be done,
before the rising of the sun.

Therefore, angrily I hurry in haste--
with a still slumbering scowl upon my face.

Self-justified in my contempt of this one
who claims to be God's own Son.

So whip I bring--and other things--
to scourge this rebel here before us.

Together now, we'll beat Him down--
I, and this Band of Soldiers!


Looking back today to demonstrated grace--
when Jesus bled in substitutionary place.

I cringe at such an awesome thought--
my heart can hardly trace!

Twas my pain! My shame! My cross! My place!
Yet, He carried it as His!

I bring a Bible in my hand and songs I sing--
to Jesus who risen lives!

And, as I stand at Easter sunrise now--
awake early from my own sleep.

I come in sorrow to rejoice,
for You have called me to my feet!

I now stand upon the Rock--
my salvation in Him victorious!

I gaze out now among these ransomed ones--
I, and this Band of Soldiers!