Saturday, June 25, 2011

Do You Remember Mr. Greed?

Do you remember Mr. Greed?
Some say he can still be seen!

He lurks around on the tips of his toes--
at least that is how the story goes.

He whispers words like "more" and "mine"
and his lyrics of discontentment are pleasant rhyme.

He shows up most often during times of giving.
He thinks that the satisfied are no longer living.

He shows up in the malls and stores,
while children starve in the streets of the hungry poor.

He shows up in impoverished, dictated nations
and steals for the tyrannical administrations.

Yet, he spends most of his time within the church.
Closing open wallets and open hearts--as he does his lurch.

He knows the needs of this world that he has roamed;
yet, he encourages church members to build their kingdoms at home.

So if you pass the offering plate in worship,
he'll remind you that it is your money--earned by hardship.

Some have even come to conspire
that he preaches in pulpits wearing Armani attire!

He shows up on Christian television programming,
preaching an easy Jesus and confidently smiling.

He never runs out of things to do,
as long as he has the focus on you.

Do you remember Mr. Greed?
Some say he can still be seen!