Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Do You Have an Acoustic Faith?

"Since we heard of your faith in Christ Jesus." (Colossians 1:4) I love music. It is a simple, yet complex, statement. I like varieties of music. Different styles. Different instruments. Different influences. Different sounds. Of all of these varieties, though, I prefer to listen to (regardless of style) an acoustic setup. No distortions. No gimmicks. Just clean, untouched sound. Give me a great cup of coffee, set me in a coffee shop with an acoustic setup, and place a good book in my hand. I would be in heaven (little "h"). Paul gives thanks to God for the church in Colossae because he had "heard" of their faith in Jesus Christ. The Greek word for "heard" here is the same word we get the word acoustic from. So, what is the apostle Paul saying here to the church? He is commending them for loving Jesus out loud! He is commending them for living lives that make a difference for the Kingdom of God in Christ Jesus their Lord. So, the question for us today is, "Do You Have an Acoustic Faith?" In a world of distorted sounds, divided hearts, and divided minds, can people hear your love for Jesus? May we all clearly exhibit the grace of Jesus Christ and the love of the Father to all around us as we love Jesus out loud--lest our lives simply add to the distorting clutter which drowns the sound of God's loving grace.