Friday, August 19, 2016

He Will Always Lead Us

"The Lord will Always Lead You." ~ Isaiah 58:11

It must have been sometime after Thanksgiving. If memory serves me right, we were in an old, orange pickup truck. All four Kilpatricks were stuffed into the cab of the truck on an excursion to find the perfect Christmas tree. It was dark and cold, with stars occasionally bringing glimpses of light through the tree limbs that hung over the pathway. I was young and can remember being a little bit afraid of the dark, the little, old bridge that looked too feeble to drive across, and the spooky, narrow passage way that led back to the tree selection site--on the backside of the country farm.

The only comfort I remember having was that my father was driving. As long as he knew how to get there, I was going to be safe. Sure, I closed my eyes when we drove down the path and held my breath when we crossed that little bridge. But, dad was driving. Dad would get us safely there--in one piece.

Even though I'm older now, I still face situations that I am unsure of. The spooky roads and feeble bridges of life seem to become more regular the older I get. And just as my earthly father led the way through the uncertainties of a terrified child, so will our Heavenly Father lead us through the uncertain paths of life. In fact, we can take comfort in the fact that there is no place that the Lord has never been before. He knows the uphill, jagged slopes along the mountainside. He knows the dangerous pits in the valleys too.

For those who place their trust in the Lord, we can take heart that he "will always lead" us. He knows how to get us to where we are going.


Pastor Ross